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Discover the exceptional efficiency of solutions designed for procurement management, contract management, invoice management and HR services.

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Our platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, optimizing the value of your company’s Microsoft investment and aligning with your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Your documents are securely stored in the Microsoft cloud, providing enhanced control and security.
  • Adapted to user environments, our elegant interface meets the specific needs of your users for greater productivity.


Harness best practices embodied in a suite of tailored solutions

Procurement management

Purchase requisition and tender documentation, bidding, and proposal evaluation – a full cycle of procurement to decrease expenses.

Contract management

Sales and purchases, NDAs, hiring, rental, and investment – everything your organization does can be transformed with an efficient approach

Invoice management

From outgoing to incoming invoices, from needs to payments — implement a streamlined approach to speed up the processes

HR services management

From business trip management to leave management, from employee onboarding to performance management – make easier procedures for your employees and HR department

AI-driven Processes, Transformative Efficiency

Experience the power of AI-driven processes on our e-Docs platform, where efficiency meets innovation. Using the capabilities of artificial intelligence, our platform transforms decision-making, predictive analytics, and workflow automation


Elevate performance with tools seamlessly integrated into your company’s internal and external processes

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