Procurement management

e-Docs offers a powerful solution that covers the entire spectrum of procurement management. The platform simplifies the procurement process from start to finish, including purchase requisition, bidding, contracts, and invoice management. With e-Docs and e-Tender, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce manual tasks, and ensure a smooth, efficient procurement cycle.

Efficiency in Procurement

Streamlined Biddings

Smart Spending

Unlocking Efficiency and Savings in Procurement

Our solution not only accelerates decision-making and procurement cycles but also ensures transparency, compliance, and strategic supplier management. Enhanced by data-driven insights, businesses gain the ability to optimize procurement strategies, fostering growth and savings.


Reduction in overall procurement costs

Enhanced Supplier Competition and Cost Savings


Speed up procurement and deliveries

Automated workflows for procurement requests and related processes


Reduction in Procurement Fraud

Automated approval rules and audits, combined with streamlined processes


Improvement in Negotiation Capabilities for Strategic Procurement Savings

Transparency in decision-making, leading to better negotiation outcomes.

Enhanced Procurement Automation

Automated Purchase Requisition

Our platform automates the creation and submission of purchase requisitions. Customizable approval workflows ensure that requisitions are reviewed and approved by the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner, accelerating the procurement cycle.

Dynamic Bidding Documentation

Generate and manage bidding documents with ease. Our platform maintains templates to create compliant bidding documentation and customizable workflow to approve it. This automation helps in reducing the preparation time and improving the quality of documents sent to potential suppliers.

Streamlined Biddings

Improve your bidding process with our platform which streamlines the publication of bids, gathers responses, and evaluates proposals against a comprehensive set of criteria for suppliers. It ranks bids based on predefined factors such as price, supplier history, and quality. This approach ensures a more efficient and objective selection process.

Evaluating Supplier Proposals

Besides predefined purchasing criteria, the platform offers a flexible process for evaluating supplier proposals. It helps review compliance with tender requirements, supplier qualification standards, and internal policies.

Contract Management Automation

From contract creation to execution, our platform automates and simplifies contract management. Efficient and clear approval and signing processes make this procedure fast and transparent. The platform tracks milestones, manages renewals, and alerts stakeholders about critical dates, ensuring that contracts are effectively managed throughout their lifecycle.

Efficient Invoice Management

Our solution streamlines invoice processing, leveraging AI for invoice recognition and data extraction. It automates the entire workflow, from invoice receipt through approval to payment, significantly reducing manual tasks and the likelihood of errors. Integration with accounting systems ensures accuracy and timely financial reporting.

Key Features

Customizable Approval Workflows

Tailor approval processes to fit your organization’s structure and policies, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Centralized Document Repository

Keep all procurement-related documents in a secure, centralized location for easy access and management.

Seamless Integration

Connect with existing ERP and accounting software for a cohesive and integrated procurement ecosystem.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Access real-time analytics and reports to gain insights into procurement performance, spend analysis, and supplier metrics.

Mobile Accessibility

Manage procurement processes on the go with our mobile-friendly platform, ensuring flexibility and continuous operation.

Robust Security and Compliance

Employ advanced security protocols and compliance measures to protect sensitive data and adhere to global standards.