Contract management

Transform every aspect of your organization’s operations with our comprehensive contract management solutions.

From sales and purchases to NDAs, hiring, rentals, and investments, our platform empowers you to streamline and optimize your contractual processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Contract generation

Approval automation

Digital signing

We understand the critical role that contracts play in your business. That’s why our contract management solutions are designed to simplify and automate the entire lifecycle of your contracts, from creation and negotiation to execution, monitoring, and renewal. With our intuitive platform, you can centralize all your contracts, streamline collaboration, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with ease.


Reduction contract cycle times

Quicker closures and revenue realization


Reduction in Legal Risks

Automation ensures compliance with legal requirements


Reduction unauthorized spending

Enhanced Visibility and Control


Reduction in missed opportunities

Automated alerts for contract renewals and other milestones

Efficient Contract Lifecycle

Automated contract generation

Empower your team with our intuitive contract wizard, simplifying the creation of various contract types. Access contract playbooks and clause libraries to tailor agreements to specific contract types, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Effortless workflow automation

Elevate your contract processes with automated workflows designed to streamline creation, approval, and execution. By minimizing manual errors and delays, our system enhances productivity and ensures timely completion of tasks

Decision support feature

AI-powered decision support feature enhances contract management by enabling participants to analyze contract text, identify risks, and rectify mistakes swiftly. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, our platform expedites the approval process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

Seamless eSignature integration

Experience seamless eSignature capabilities with full integration into Counterparty’s portal and signature services. Our system seamlessly routes contracts for electronic signatures, providing notifications at every stage of the process for enhanced transparency and efficiency.

Comprehensive contract archive

Securely store your contracts in Microsoft Cloud, leveraging one of the most robust security infrastructures available. Rest easy knowing your sensitive data is safeguarded with maximum reliability

Effective permission management

Configure contract permissions to align with your organization’s requirements and document retention policies. With flexible governance options, you can maintain control and compliance effortlessly.

Integrated Business Systems

Enhance data consistency and streamline processes by seamlessly integrating with other business systems such as Procurement Platform, CRM, ERP, and accounting software. Our platform ensures seamless connectivity across your ecosystem for enhanced efficiency.