Registry management

Our AI-powered solution for registry management enhances the automation of registry creation and maintenance. It provides a comprehensive structure for records, high level security and supports multiple methods for filling, processing, and storing collected data.

Smart Gathering

Data Extraction

Data Structuring

Our suite of tools empowers organizations to create and launch an efficient registry management solution swiftly. It offers the capability to populate records from a public interface and process them within a secure, private environment.


Faster data entry

Use AI to cut data entry time by 80%, reducing errors and speeding updates


Reducing the risk of discrepancies

Improve the accuracy and consistency of stored data


Reduction in operational costs

Automate registry management to cut operational costs.


Decision-making speed

Accelerate decision-making with real-time data and instant reports.

Registry management automation

Comprehensive records structure

Create a highly organized registry using dictionaries for structured data entry, including various data types to ensure precision in record-keeping.

AI-powered automated data extraction from PDFs

Enhance your workflow with the capability to quickly extract and validate data from uploaded PDF documents, automatically populating the records.

Public and private sections

Optimize data management with distinct public sections for external data entry and private sections for the internal processing and secure storage of records.

Secure and convenient self-registration

Facilitate effortless and secure self-registration for entities via a public section, streamlining subsequent record completion.

Generation of reports for managerial decision-making

Empower decision-making with reports generated from collected data, specifically tailored to provide insightful analytics.

Import and export of data

Ensure data integration with the ability to import data from diverse sources and export it to external systems, enhancing interoperability and data integrity.